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Who are we?

Founders Paul Johl and Raj Dass are investment professionals. They have led investment transactions in companies across multiple sectors and been involved with companies through the lifecycle, from initial investment through to exit. With extensive backgrounds in investment, finance and business development, Paul and Raj founded Dass Capital to pursue their passion for partnering with management teams and growing business value.

How we work

Our ethos

The business journey has both successes and challenges. There are going to be tough days on the road ahead, so we choose to partner with people whom we like and trust and who feel the same way about us. We value openness and honesty because that allows us to communicate effectively and to take ownership of challenges.

Growing value

When we invest in a business we aim to increase its value sustainably. We do this by focusing on the operational performance, suitable capital structures, strong governance and a customer orientation that drives sales growth.

Long-term commitment

Growing business value is not an overnight process, which is why we are long-term investors. When you partner with us, your company and its people become part of our family. We will be on the journey together.

Managerial autonomy

As investors, we are there to compliment your skills and resources. We are not there to take over and run your business for you. As your partners, we will be there when you need us, but you will enjoy a large degree of autonomy.

Raj Dass

B.Eng ∙ B.Eng (Hons) ∙ M.Eng ∙ MBA ∙ CFA © ∙ Taxation

Mergers & Acquisitions ∙ Microelectronics ∙ Financial Markets ∙ Investment banking ∙ Strategic Consulting ∙ Venture Capital

Dr. Paul Johl

B.Com ∙ B.Com (Hons) ∙ M.Com ∙ D.Com 

Financial and Investment Management ∙ Listing of Companies ∙ Institutional Fund Raising ∙ Strategic Consulting ∙ Venture Capital

For us the most rewarding way to do business is to build great relationships and then build great companies together.

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